Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Foreword / Förord

From Mark:
"Yrsa and I decided to create this blog together, with the purpose of guiding English speakers in their quest to speak Swedish. I, myself, am not a Swedish speaker, but a learner like you, so these articles are just as much for me as they are for you. I've been learning Swedish for about two months now and, as someone who knows a lot about the aspects of grammar, I find it quite easy to understand and explain these aspects to others and how it works in Swedish. So my job, with Yrsa's help, is to simplify and explain the grammar of the Swedish language so you can start using it practically in a few short lessons!"

From Yrsa:
"My name is Yrsa. I may not be old and wise but I am from Sweden! My part here is to help Mark with explaining the Swedish grammar and looking through all the Swedish stuff. While working on this blog I hope to gain new insights into my own language."

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  1. Oh to bad this didn't continue! Thought it was good. Know of any other similar?